Today’s game is at Woodville starting at 6.30 am.

Today is a single stableford game for everyone.

Winner’s from Auburn on 14th October:

1st place: Shannon Finn 44pts c/b

2nd place: Wayne Selfridge 44pts c/b

3rd place: Blake Jackson 39pts c/b

4th place: Fred McCarthy 39pts c/b

TOOTH: Robbie Finn and Stuart Hurley


Nearest the Pins:

5th hole:  Bruce Farquhar

9th hole:  Keiran Jackson

10thhole:  Bernie Freeburn

13th hole:  Amanda DeHaas


Drive and pitch:

3rd hole:  Wayne Selfridge

4th hole:  Bernie Freeburn

8th hole:  Wayne Selfridge

14th hole:  Dave Finn

Individual Scores for Auburn

Shannon Finn: 44 c/b

Wayne Selfridge: 44 c/b

Blake Jackson: 39 c/b

Fred McCarthy: 39 c/b

Jenny Delaney: 39 c/b

Amanda DeHaas: 38

Stuart Hurley: 37

Jenny Freeburn: 37

Charlie Scully: 37

Eddie Habib: 36

Col Bentley: 36

Keiran Jackson: 36

John Poropat: 35

Noelene Leggat: 35

Peter O'Brien: 34

Enda Scully: 33

Jae Min Maeng: 32

Bernie Freeburn: 32

Sue Delaney: 32

Dave Finn: 32

Troy Newall: 31

Craig Brown: 30 (P)

Robbie Finn: 30

Bruce Farquhar: 28

Mark DeHaas: 27

Match play Winner for 2023:  Col Bentley:Col won 5 and 4. Congratulations Col.

Trophy Winners so far for 2023:

AGrade Championship: Bill Kain Memorial Trophy:

Winner: Enda Scully

B Grade Championship: Peter Ross Memorial Trophy: Winner: Peter O’Brien

C Grade Championship: Pat Connell Memorial Trophy: Winner: Mark DeHaas

A Grade Net: Fred Delaney Memorial Trophy:

Winner: Stuart Hurley

BGrade Net: Dennis Collins Appreciation Award:

Winner: Bruce Farquhar

CGrade Net: Bill Belkovskis Memorial Trophy:

Winner: Jenny Delaney

Match Play: Terry Kenny Appreciation Award:

Winner: Col Bentley

5 Best Stableford Scores (from rounds 1 to 11): Steve Woods Trophy Winner: ?

To qualify you must have played 8 games this year, with the games being the first on the 4th February and the last game being the 11th November. The games are based on a possible 7 stableford games (Your scores in the Championship rounds are not included). The best 5 scores from these 7 stableford games will determine the winner.

Country Shield– (Cootamundra): Peter Kennedy Memorial Trophy: Winner: Jenny Delaney (This trophy has already been presented at the end of the weekend away)

Next game is atAuburn on 9th December 6.30am. This is our lastgame for the year and will be a4 person Ambrose. We askeveryone who is playing to bring a gift for the table (valued between$10 and $20). This will be part of the prizes for everyone at the end of the game.

Golf dates for 2024

3rd February- Sefton 8.30am

24th February- Woodville 7am

23rd March- Auburn 6.50am

27th April- Woodville 7.30am

25th May- Auburn 7am

22nd June- Woodville 7.30am

27th July- Sefton 8am

24th August- Auburn 7.15am

21st September- Woodville 7am

12th October- Auburn 7am

16th November- Woodville 7am

7th December- Auburn 7am


We are planning for next years weekend of golf. Again, our aim is to have it on the last weekend in September – 27th to 29. We are asking that a $100 deposit be paid to confirm your booking. This can be paid over the coming months. It is hoped that we will have further details next month. We are making every effort to make this an affordable and fun weekend. So please mark the date on your calendar.

AGM and Presentation of Trophies for 2023

We are currently looking into having our AGM and trophy presentation for our 2023 Golf winners, towards the end of January 2024. We are hoping to have an early AGM meeting then a meal with a presentation at The Pavilion (Dooley’s Regents Park). Details will hopefully be confirmed in our next Dooleys Divots.