Today we play the final game for this year at Woodville. Today is a FUN DAY. We are playing a four personAMBROSE Event. It is hoped everyone enjoys their day of golf, especially the short hitters, as they will be playing their second and third shots a lot closer to the greens than they are used to. Have a great final day and we hope you all receive a nice little Christmas surprise.



Another successful year has almost passed. It was good to see our numbers have been consistent throughout the year. Thankyou to everyone that has contributed to the running of the golf days, no matter how small your contributions have been. We are fortunate that there is a great culture of getting in and helping wherever it is needed. Thanks also to our Golf Committee, who meet regularly and discuss and implement ways to make our golf days the best they can be. A special thanks to two of our Committee members:

Denis Collins has been a committee member for roughly 20 years and has been our handicapper until recent years. When Denis stood down from the handicapping, he put his hand up to take on the nominations and cancellations and groupings for each months games. This job takes time and lots of phone calls. Denis has done a great job with this and we thank you greatly. Denis has again volunteered to do this job next year.

Adam Welton has been a regular golfer and committee person for many years. Adam took on the job as handicapper several years ago. Again, this is a job that takes time and gets little recognition. Adam has done an excellent job and has managed to keep competition for all of the trophies at a healthy level. This is evident in the spread of prizes across numerous winners. Adam and family moved for a sea/tree change to Wauchope through the year. Despite this, Adam has continued to provide our handicaps and continued to be an active committee member. Adam still wishes to play a handful of games next year and be part of our club. Thanks Adam for all you have done.

If anyone has a suggestion to help improve the running of the club, please feel free to discuss with myself or any Committee Member. Thanks for all your support given to the Committee over the year.

Bernie Freeburn.  


            The Golf Committee would like to take this opportunity to wish ALL DOOLEY GOLFERS and their families a safe and most enjoyable Christmas and New Year. We wish each and every one of you and your families a happy and joyful festive season and good health and good luck throughout the coming year.

            ******                        ******                        ******                        ******                        ******                        ******                        ******


            The Annual General Meeting of the Golf Club will be held on Wednesday, 22nd January 2020 at 7.30pm at DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club. It would be great to see everyone in attendance and be willing and able to contribute towards the running of the Golf Club. A Golf Committeeis tobe elected on the night.


            What a perfect day, it was spring, the weather was fantastic, not too hot and not too cold and the golf course was in great condition. Last year Cumberland Council announced plans that it will spend $1.5M on Fairway watering at Woodville this year. This is in the process of being installed and should improve the course immensely.


                                                                                                                       Hc’p                   Pts

1ST Trophy                              $35                  GARRY MITCHELL                   19                    40 c/b

2ND Trophy                              $25                  IAN BARBER                            41                    40

3RD Trophy                              $20                  BERNIE FREEBURN                 12                    39 c/b


Trophy out of the Hat            $20                  JENNY DELANEY

Trophy out of the Hat            $20                  WARREN RYAN         

Trophy out of the Hat            $20                  PETER CHOCHULA


1ST Nine                                                           CATHY EADES                        P54                    23

2ND Nine                                                          ROBERT RYAN                         16                    20 c/b


Ball Competition                    1ST                    STUART HURLEY                     22                    39

                                                2ND                   MICHAEL LENART                   17                    38 c/b

                                                3RD                   TERRY KENNY                         36                    38 c/b

                                                4TH                   KIERAN JACKSON                    44                    38

                                                5TH                   SONYA LENART                      42                    37


Ball Comp. 1 to 27                                          PATRICK KAIN

(Out of the Hat)                                              EDDIE HABIB

                                                                        MANNY CASTILLO

                                                                        RICK CLIFFORD


Ball Comp. 29 to 54                                        JENNY FREEBURN

(Out of the Hat)                                              COL BENTLEY

                                                                        MICHAEL ALCHIN

                                                                        MARGARET KAIN


NTP 1ST 9   (1 – 20)                     5TH                   EDDIE HABIB

NTP 1ST 9   (21 – 35)                    5TH                 STUART HURLEY

NTP 1ST 9   (36 +)                        5th                 CATHY EADES

NTP 2ND 9   (1 – 20)                 15TH                 NOT WON

NTP 2ND 9   (21 – 35)               15TH                 JENNY FREEBURN

NTP 2ND 9   (36 +)                    15th                  IAN BARBER

D & P 1ST 9  (1 – 20)                  4TH                 ROBERT RYAN

D & P 1ST 9  (21 – 35)                4TH                 MANNY CASTELLO/PATRICK KAIN (In the Hole)

D & P 1ST 9  (36 +)                     4th                  IAN BARBER/SONYA LENART (In the Hole)

D & P 2ND 9 (1 – 20)                12TH                 EDDIE HABIB

D & P 2ND 9 (21 – 35)              12TH                 MANNY CASTELLO

D & P 2ND 9 (36 +)                   12th                  NOT WON



                             TO ALL who CONTRIBUTED

                                                          TOWARDS MAKING the DOOLEY

                                                                                      GOLF DAYS such a SUCCESS

To our President BERNIE FREEBURN for ensuring the Golf Club continues to run so smoothly.    Without BERNIE we would be leaderless.

To TERRY KENNY, what a marathon effort, thank you for all you do. The list of jobs and information you record behind the scenes is incredible - wow thank you so much from us all!

To SUE DELANEY our Secretary, for maintaining the minutes of all our meetings, attending to correspondence and arranging course bookings.

To our Club Organiser and Trailer Driver GARRY MITCHELL for his complete GENEROSITY in bringing and returning the Golf Trailer to every golf day. GARRY collects and returns the trailer to DOOLEYS at Lidcombe. He supervises the packing and repacking of the trailer, the setting up of the BBQ and ensures the area is clean before he leaves. GARRY supplies the ICE for each Golf Day FREE of CHARGE.

To our Golf Club Captain ANNA RYAN for ensuring we all maintain Golf Etiquette and abide by the Rules of Golf.

To ROBERT RYAN who is responsible for collating, formattingand publishing all the articles for DOOLEY Divots and for maintaining and enteringall the information onto the Dooleys Golf web site.

To our Handicapper ADAM WELTON - who now lives at Wauchope. He endeavours to ensure our Golf Handicaps are fair. He tries very hard to keep all of us golfers honest by his handicapping system which aims to give everyone a fair go toshare in the trophies.

To JENNY DELANEY for collecting the Green Fees, collecting the deposits for the Weekend of Golf and for balancing the monies collected on each and every Golf Day.

To PETER KENNEDY for maintaining the points score for the Pat Connell Trophy and for ensuring nominations are taken at each golf day for the following game.

To PATRICK KAIN for forwarding emailson behalf of the Golf Club including the monthly Golf Draw and DOOLEY Divots.

To MARGARET BENTLEY, VAL KENNEDY, SUE (Manny’s partner) and LEE (Troy’s wife) our MASTER CHEF’S and CUSTODIAN’S. What would we do without them? MARGARET, VAL, SUE and LEE have given freely of their time when they are available to see to our needs and to ensure everyone is fed so that we can all ENJOY OURSELVES.

To ANNE DELANEY for being one of our delegates to the Sports Council. ANNE attends and reports on our golf activities at each and every Sports Council meeting.

To BRUCE FARQUHAR and RICK CLIFFORD for procuring that most important commodity and that is the food to feed us Golfers at each golf outing. Without the food we would starve and go hungry.

To DENIS COLLINS who volunteered to take over doing the Golf Draw. It is an unenviable task subject to some objections and a little ridicule.

To JULIE PEMBLE along with ADAM who procured the Trophies for the WEEKEND of GOLF. What would we do without this wonderful young lass and her husband.

In fact what would the GOLF CLUB do without people like these who CONTRIBUTE SO MUCH.

Finally, to all the DOOLEY GOLFERS for attending and assisting in undertaking the many tasks needed to make the DOOLEY Golf Days so enjoyable and such a success.


This year we welcomed SEVEN (7) new players. They were PETER CHOCHULA - father of ANNA RYAN he has played (2) game with us, KATHRYN DUCKETT (3), STAN DUCKETT (3), CATHY EADES (2), JOHN LEE (4), KEITH WEATHERBY (1) and JOHN WILLIAMSON (8).

This year we saw the return of THREE (3) players who have not played with us for twelve months or more. They were JOHN COLEMAN (1 Game – 2 Holes) Golfing career now finished, WARREN RYAN (2) and DENNIS SMITH (9) games.

We need to encourage these players to continue to play social golf with us more often and we need a lot more new players.


After our last game 59 individual players (2 less than last year) have attended one or more of the eleven (11) games we have played. HAROLD MORRIS only attended one game but did not swing a club. The 59 players attended 383 games and contested 374 of those games. Attendance was 5 up on last year 

Average attendance was 34.8 which was (0.4) more than last year.

It is obvious we NEED MORE SOCIAL PLAYERS. New players and former players are most welcome to join or re-join our Social Group.

Social Golf is an activity open to all ages

We have a strong LADIES contingent

Bring along your Children, Grandchildren and your friends

We play 12 games each year on Saturday mornings

 We have a fantastic Weekend of Golf away each year



At the get together for the DOOLEY Golfers after the final Association Day it was decided that, the excess funds collected throughout the year would be donated to the St. Vincent De Paul Society bushfire appeal. The excess funds amounted to $200. This amount plus the $175 donated by those in attendance was given to the Society. Congratulations and thank you to all who attended this function for your generosity towards this worthy appeal.

By the way, the Lidcombe Association team lost the last day 3 games to 2. We also loss the Association Shield to Campbelltown 3 matches to 2.




            AUBURN                     7TH DECEMBER                       HIT OFF 6.00 am                     BE EARLY                    

It is the last GOLF DAY for 2019                     GARRY is arranging the DAY                         It is a FUN DAY

            The event is a 4 Person AMBROSE                                                    A GREAT DAY is assured

There will be the NORMAL PRIZES

There may be PRIZES donated by GOLFERS and maybe by a SUPPLIER

Hopefully there will be a MONSTER RAFFLE                                                Cost of the day WILL BE THE SAME  


The DOOLEYS Social Golf Club, Sausage Sizzle at the Christmas Fair held last Sunday was once again another successful event. Fourteen (14) golfers volunteered and assisted on the day. Volunteers were BILL BELKOVSKIS, CHRIS CASSIDY, RICK CLIFFORD, BERNIE FREEBURN, JENNY FREEBURN, KIERAN JACKSON, MARGARET KAIN, PETER KENNEDY, VAL KENNEDY, TERRY KENNY, GARRY MITCHELL, ANNA RYAN, ROBERT RYAN, TERRY KENNY andCHARLIE SCULLY.

It was a great day. It was a tiresome day. It was a fun day. There was plenty of hilarity within the camp between the Sizzle servers, Sizzle cooks, Onion bakers, Bread butterers and all within the camp. Everyone enjoyed themselves and most stayed until the end. 

On the day, we sold sausages to the value of $1,115. That is in excess of 557 snags. Well done to the DOOLEY Golf Volunteers.











This year four (4) players will have achieved a significant milestone in their playing career with the DOOLEY Golfers. Reaching any milestone is something you can be really proud of. To achieve an attendance of 50 games takes 5 years (4 years 2 months @ 12 games per year) continuous attendance. The achievers were:

BILL FREEMAN              50 GAMES at WOODVILLE on 22ND June                First Played 8TH February 2014

STUART HURLEY           50 GAMES at WOODVILLE on 23RD February          First Played 18TH  May 2013

FRED Mc CARTHY         50 GAMES at AUBURN today the 7TH December    First Played 9th October 2013

DAVID FINN                100 GAMES at AUBURN on 19TH October                First Played 4TH November 2006

Congratulations to BILL, STUART, FRED and DAVID for achieving these milestones with the DOOLEYS Social Golf Club. Without YOUR SUPPORT the Golf Club would not be WHAT IT IS TODAY.

Your OLD BADGE will be exchanged for a NEW BADGE with the appropriate GAME BAR on it.


EVERYONE should have a BADGE. It only costs a PALTRY $5


The rule of DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club is that if a person attends more than three (3) Golf Days which are all sponsored by the Club then that person MUST BECOME a MEMBER of DOOLEYS and the GOLF CLUB.

The Golf Club has a rule that visitors and new players are not eligible to win a trophy until that player has played three (3) games with the club. By then the person would have become a member of both clubs. IF NOT, that person’s nomination may be refused.

DOOLEYS                    $5.50 per year            OR                   $11.00 for four (4) years

GOLF CLUB                  $5.00 per year

To be eligible for PERPETUAL TROPHIES a player must attend eight (8) games out of the twelve games from December the previous year to November in the current year.

The Golf Club welcomes both Female and Male players and their Children and we also welcome your friends their Children and Grandchildren as well as the Children and Grandchildren of DOOLEY Members. The Children have all the entitlements of a Golf Club member.


The first game is at SEFTON on Saturday 1st February at 6.10 am.

The event is a 2-Ball Best Ball Stableford. All individual scores will be recorded.

Nominations will be taken today.

All games except the last game count towards the ALF MARNEY MEMORIAL TROPHY

The next TEN games after the first game -

all count towards the PAT CONNELL, DICK DIXON and the ECLECTIC

The PETER ROSS MEMORIAL TROPHY is contested for over three games midseason

The PRESIDENT’S BILL KAIN MEMORIAL TROPHY is contested for in October and November

The CAPTAIN’S TROPHY is played for or commences at the April outing

The first 32 players at the second outing qualify for the TREASURER’S MATCH PLAY TROPHY

Then there are the CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS played for over four rounds as indicated on the Fixture Card


If you are fortunate enough to win any one of these Trophies (except the Eclectic competition), you will receive an invitation to the Sports Council Presentation Evening. An invitation that is much sought after.

            At each Golf day we play for prizes normally in the order of 1st - $35; 2nd - $25; 3rd - $20; and three (3) prizes drawn out of the HAT for $20 EACH. Then there are numerous Golf Ball Prizes.


FIXTURE CARD – 2020    


  1st  February             Sefton             6.10 am           S/Ford              4             2 BBB     3 Buggies    

29th February              Woodville       6.30 am           S/Ford             4          Qual. Treasurer’s Trophy

28th March                  Auburn           6.54 am           S/Ford             4          Treasurer’s Trophy

18th April                     Woodville       6.48 am           S/Ford             4          Captain’s & Treasurer’s Trophy

23rd May                     Auburn           6.26 am           Stroke             4          Club Championships

20th June                     Woodville       7.00 am           Stroke             4          Club Championship’s, Peter Ross T

25th July                      Fairfield          7.00 am           S/Ford             4          Treasurer’s & Peter Ross Trophy           

22th August                Auburn           6.19 am           Stroke             4          Club Championship’s, Peter Ross T

19th September          Woodville       7.00 am           Stroke             4          Club Championship’s

24th October               Auburn           6.26 am           S/Ford             4          Treasurer’s & Bill Kain President T

  7TH  November         Woodville       6.00 am           S/Ford             4          Treasurer’s & Bill Kain President T

   5th December           Auburn           6.05 am           Ambrose         4          4 Person Ambrose


25th to 27th September          Weekend of Golf                    Woorigee                   S/Ford



  8TH March                 Antill Park                  6.45 am

  3RD May                     Leonay                        8.00 am

26TH July                      Campbelltown           7.00 am

 20TH September         Woodville                   7.00 am

15TH November          Hurstville                    7.00 am


29TH to 30th August                 CANBERRA                


                             BILL KAIN

                                                          MEMORIAL TROPHY

            Thirty-four (34) players contested the first round. Twenty-nine (29) players contested the second round. Twenty-four (24) players completed both rounds for this trophy but only twenty-one (21) players were eligible to win this trophy. There were three (3) players not eligible, as they had not attended eight (8) games throughout the year.

            Congratulations to MICHAEL LENART who amassed 78 points for his two rounds of stableford. Commiserations to GARRY MITCHELL the runner-up who missed by six (6) stableford points. GARRY was the winner last year. Two points further adrift were IAN BARBER and ROBERT RYAN.

            Scores for all players were:

                          ELIGIBLE PLAYERS                                                           INELIGIBLE PLAYERS


                                                 Aub     W’vil    Total                                                       Aub    W’vil    Total   Games


  1. MICHAEL LENART             40        38        78          1. CATHY EADES                   27        41        68        2

  2. GARRY MITCHELL             32        40        72          2. JOHN POROPAT                31        29        60        7

  3. IAN BARBER                      30        40        70          3. MANNY CASTILLO              8        35        43        7

  4. ROBERT RYAN                   31        39        70          4. ROBERT FINN                    44        ---        44

  5. COL BENTLEY                    34        34        68          5.TERRY KENNY                    ---        38        38

  6. SONYA LENART                31        37        68          6. SHANNON FINN               36        ---        36

  7. RICK CLIFFORD                  34        33        67          7. WARREN RYAN                 ---        35        35

  8. DENIS COLLINS                 33        34        67          8. STAN DUCKETT                 34        ---        34

  9. KIERAN JACKSON             29        38        67          9. JOHN LEE                           ---        34        34

10. BERNIE FREEBURN           27        39        66        10. CHARLIE SCULLY               33        ---        33

11. EDDIE HABIB                     40        26        66        11. FRED Mc CARTHY             32        ---        32

12. STUART HURLEY               27        39        66        12. ALAN THAM                     ---        32        32

13. DAVID QUINNELL             37        29        66        13. KEVIN CAVANAGH           31        ---        31

14. JENNY FREEBURN             28        25        63        14. KATHRYN DUCKETT          29        ---        29

15. PATRICK KAIN                  27        35        62        15. PETER CHOCHULA            ---        25        25

16. JENNY DELANEY               27        33        60        16. DENNIS SMITH                 24        ---        24

17. SUE DELANEY                   21        37        58        17. ANNA RYAN                     22        ---        22

18. JOHN WILLIAMSON         23        35        59        18. DAVID FINN                      21        ---        21

19. PETER KENNEDY               23        34        57

20. MICHAEL ALCHIN             20        28        48

21. MARGARET KAIN             22        24        46




            This trophy is a stableford event played over three different courses in June, July and August at Auburn, Fairfield and Woodville

            Thirty-six players completed the first round for this trophy. PETER KENNEDY with 44 points was the early leader two points ahead but would miss the following two games. This left a compressed field with seven players within a point of each other. SONYA LENART with 42 points was a point clear of WILLIAM KAIN who was apoint ahead of SHANNON FINN. ANNA RYAN was another point behind with a further point to STAN DUCKETT, PATRICK KAIN and TROY NEWALL. STANN DUCKETT is ineligible, SHANNON FINN and TROY NEWALL must attend the five remaining games to be eligible and WILLIAM KAIN must attend four of the remaining five games. 

            Thirty-one (31) players completed the game at Fairfield but only 24 players had completed the first round. SHANNON FINN with 86 points led KIERAN JACKSON by a point with a further four points to ANNA RYAN Next was SONYA LENART with 80 points followed by PETER O’BRIEN with 78 points. 


            Thirty six (36) players completed the final game at Woodville.

            Forty-seven (47) players completed at least one round for this Perpetual Trophy.

            Nine (9) players only completed one round.

            Twenty (20) players completed two rounds.

            Only eighteen (18) contested all three rounds for the PETER ROSS MEMORIAL TROPHY.


            SHANNON FINN was the provisional winner of the PETER ROSS Trophy with 118 points. He had to attend the final three games to be eligible to win this trophy. Unfortunately, he did not attend the last game.

            JENNY FREEBURN with 113 points is the winner of this Perpetual Trophy. JENNY won by a point from KIERAN JACKSON and ALAN THAM. A point further behind was BERNIE FREEBURN with the other twelve (12) also rans left trailing.

            Scores for all players who attended at least one round for this trophy are:

                                    Aub      Fair    Wood    Total                                                    Aub      Fair    Wood   Total

      S. FINN                   40        46        32        118 Inl(7)        18. R. FINN                  ---        51        33        84

  1. J. FREEBURN         26        41        46        113                  19. W. KAIN                41        ---        41        82

  2. K. JACKSON          36        49        27        112                  20. A. RYAN                39        42        ---        81

  3. A. THAM               36        36        40        112                  21. P. O’BRIEN            36        42        ---        78

  4. B. FREEBURN        33        38        40        111                  22. T. NEWALL                        38        ---        38            75

  5. K. CAVANAGH      35        41        30        106                  23. J. LEE                     ---        39        35        74

  6. M. LENART            29        39        38        106                  24. J. SLATER              36        38        ---        74

  7. C. SCULLY              27        44        35        106                  25. P. KAIN                 38        ---        34       72

  8. S. LENART             42        38        22        102                  26. D.COLLINS            34        ---        36        70

  9. R. CLIFFORD          34        32        35        101                  27. M. KAIN                ---        34        36        70

10. S. HURLEY             34        34        33        101                  28. B. FREEMAN         33        ---        36        69

11. C. BENTLEY           26        36        38        100                  29. R. RYAN                31        38        ---        69

12. D. FINN                 28        28        43          96                  30. S. DUCKETT           38        ---        30        68

13. B. FARQUHAR       33        41        24          96                  31. M. CASTELLO        32        35        ---        67

14. J. PEMBLE             33        34        27          94                  32. E. HABIB                31        ---        34        65

15. D. SMITH               27        41        24          92                  33. G. MITCHELL         30        ---        34        64

16. I. BARBER              24        36        30          90                  34. F. Mc CARTHY       32        31        ---        63

17. Q. QUINELL           25        28        32          85                  35. K. DUCKETT          33        ---        27        60

                                                                                                36. T. KENNY              ---        31        26        57

                                                                                                37. J. POROPAT          23        ---        26        49


                                                                                   Aub      Fair    Wood    Total

                                                38. T. GEBRAN                        ---        ---        48        48

                                                39. P. KENNEDY                      44        ---        ---        44

                                                40. M. ALCHIN            ---        37        ---        37

                                                41. A. WELTON                       33        ---        ---        33

                                                42. P. CHOCHULA                   ---        28        ---        28

                                                43. S. DELANEY                       ---        ---        27        27       

                                                44. J. DELANEY                       ---        ---        26        26

                                                45. J. BARTHOLOMEW           ---        ---        14 (11)14

                                                46. J. WILLIAMSON    ---        ---        12 (9)   12



                             MEMORIAL TROPHY


This trophy is competed for at every game we play throughout the year excluding the last game. 10 points are awarded for attendance and 10 points downwards for finishing in the first ten.

As indicated last month DAVID QUINELL was five points ahead of COL BENTLEY and BERNIE FREEBURN with JENNY FREEBURN and JACOB PEMBLE a further 5 points in arrears. BUT, I cannot add up correctly or transcribed the numbers correctly or it mayhave been a typist error. Sorry BERNIE your total should have been 125 not 129.

On the day, IAN BARBER finished third for an additional 8 points. BERNIE fourth for additional 7 points. STUART HURLEY scored an extra 5 points, MICHAEL LENART an extra 4 points. KIERAN JACKSON 3 points and TERRY KENNY 2 points. Seven of the top ten players increased their score, two scored 10 points for attending.

DAVID amassed 144 points over the 11 games. BERNIE was two points behind with COL a further three points in arrears.  It pays dividends to be in attendance at each and every game to be in contention for this trophy. JACOB PEMBLE missed the last two games and was in contention, could have finished second if he had attended these two games and had not scored any additional points.

Congratulations DAVID for your consistent attendance and scoring points at five games. Well done.           

            The leading scores were:

                                                                           Pts                                                                              Pts

1.         DAVID QUINELL                                  144                    6.       IAN BARBER                            128

2.         BERNIE FREEBURN                             142                    7.       MICHAEL LENART                   127

3.         COL BENTLEY                                      139                    8.       KIERAN JACKSON                   125

4.         JENNY FREEBURN                               134                    9.       TERRY KENNY                         125

5.         STUART HURLEY                                 132                  10.       JACOB PEMBLE                       123



The winner of this trophy is the player who accumulated the most Stableford points for six games from all the games played except the first and last games.

As indicated in the last issue of Divots it was almost impossible for MICHAEL LENART to be defeated as he had a handy 7 points advantage over STUART HURLEY. Then it was another point to COL BENTLEY and JACOB PEMBLE with a further point to JENNY FREEBURN. The top five all improved on their worst score. MICHAEL improved by a point, STUART by 5, COL by 4 , KIERAN by 8 and BERNIE FREEBURN improved by 5. However, no one was able to overtake MICHAEL’S lead and he was able to maintain a 3 point advantage over STUART with COL and KIERAN a further two points in arrears.

MICHAEL’S scores were from only nine (9) competitive games. Whereas the scores for the other four top scorers were taken from all 10 games.

Congratulations to MICHAEL on a great win and a fantastic performance.

The leading scores were:

     1.  MICHAEL LENART                               230 Pts              6.  JACOB PEMBLE                            221 Pts

2.   STUART HURLEY                                 227 Pts              7.  JENNY FREEBURN                        220 Pts

3.   COL BENTLEY                                      225 Pts              8.  PETER O’BRIEN                            218 Pts

4.   KIERAN JACKSON                               225 Pts              9.  PATRICK KAIN                              215 Pts

5.   BERNIE FREEBURN                             221 Pts            10.  DAVID QUINELL                           214 Pts



This trophy is played for over all the ten competitive games from game 2 to game 11. Six (6) holes are independently selected for each game and points are awarded for a hole-in-one, eagles, birdies and pars. The player with the highest score at the completion of the last game is the WINNER.

            After two games, BERNIE FREEBURN and JACOB PEMBLE with 26 points were a point ahead of STUART HURLEY. A point further behind was DAVID QUINELL with another point to RICK CLIFFORD.

After three more games, there were some changes to the leader board. JACOB PEMBLE had taken the lead with 65 points. He was three (3) points clear of RICK CLIFFORD. BERNIE FREEBURN was a point further with another point to PETER O’BRIEN. Trailing by a further two points was STUART HURLEY.

            After the Auburn game in August JACOB PEMBLE retained his lead and was 3 points clear of BERNIE. Six (6) points further behind was RICK CLIFFORD with a further point to ALAN THAM. KEVIN CAVANAGH, JENNY FREEBURN and DAVID QUINELL were next another point behind.

            After the September game JACOB with 103 points was 5 points clear of BERNIE who was 5 points ahead of RICK.

 JACOB became a proud DAD in October and was unable to attend the final two games of this competition. 

After the October game, BERNIE had taken the lead with 109 points three points ahead of RICK. JACOB was next with 103 points followed by JENNY on 99 points.

The final day was at WOODVILLE.     The selected holes were 1, 4, 6, 10, 14 and 16.

PATRICK KAIN had a Birdie on the 4th hole.

            STUART HURLEY and KIERAN JACKSON with 16 points were the top scorers. IAN BARBER had 15, SONYA LENART 14, and COL BENTLEY, SUE DELANEY and MICHAEL LENART each had 13 points.

            The final scores for the year were:

1.         BERNIE FREEBURN                 120 Pts            4.         STUART HURLEY                     109 Pts

2.         RICK CLIFFORD                        118 Pts            5.         COL BENTLEY                          107 Pts

3.         EDDIE HABIB                           109 Pts            6.         JENNY FREEBURN                   106 Pts

            Well done BERNIE on a great win. A consistent performance throughout the competition will always pay dividends. Commiserations JACOB but being a proud Dad to WILLOW DAISY. JACOB missed the last two competition rounds. What may have been could have been.   


            MICHAEL LENART playing off a handicap of 17 had to concede a stroke on the five (5) hardest holes to STUART HURLEY who had a handicap of 22. MICHAEL was an unsuccessful finalist last year. The result of the match was:

            5. STUART HURLEY (22) Vs 2. MICHAEL LENART (17). On the outward run the 1st, 6TH and 9th  holes were all square. MICHAEL won hole 2, 7 and 8 whereas STUART won the remaining three holes 3, 4 and 5. The MATCH was all square after playing the front nine.

            On the homeward run five hole namely 11, 12, 13, 15 and 17 were halved. STUART won the 10th and 16th holes but MICHAEL was able to win holes 14 and 18. So, after 18 holes the MATCH was all square. 

            So, the combatants had to replay the 18th hole once again to decide who the winner would be. The winner was once again ALL SQUARE. So off again went STUART and MICHAEL to play the 18th hole a third time to determine if a winner could be found. This time we had a result STUART prevailed to win the hole and the MATCH at the 20th hole.             

            Congratulations STUART on a long and difficult win. Commiserations to MICHAEL for reaching the finals for the second year in a row but once again it was not to be.


            This trophy was played for at WOODVILLE in April.

            The event was a putting contest over the 18 holes.

            The winner being the player with the least number of putts.

            The winner must at least attend the stipulated eight (8) games. 


            In this event you have to record all your putts on the putting green.

            If you wipe a hole and did not putt – then 3 putts are recorded for the hole.

Thirty-seven (37) players contested the event but one player only completed 14 holes.


  JACOB PEMBLE had eleven 1 putt greens and only 2 putts for the remaining seven holes. A total of 25 putts for the eighteen holes. An amazing performance. Two putts behind were MICHAEL LENART and TROY NEWALL. Another putt in arrears was BERNIE FREEBURN. the remainder of the field were left behind counting their putts.

Congratulations JACOB on an amazing putting performance and commiserations to the remainder of the field who may be in need of some putting lessons.

            This is the ninth year the Captain’s Trophy has been decided by a putting competition. Previous winners were:


                        2011                DAVID Mc INTOSH      (20)                  27 Putts

                        2012                BERNIE FREEBURN     (13)                  27 Putts

                        2013                WARREN DYER           (11)                  23 Putts

                        2014                BERNIE FREEBURN     (11)                  27 Putts

                        2015                KIERIN O’HARA           (19)                  26 Putts

                        2016                PAUL BARTON                        (13)                  28 Putts

2017                EDDIE HABIB               (16)                  27 Putts

2018                EDDIE HABIB               (16)                  27 Putts

                        2019                JACOB PEMBLE           (9)                    25 Putts


            It would be lovely when a CAPTAIN could come up with a competition that gives us hapless putters some chance of winning the competition. But then again all players have a fair chance when it comes to putting.             



            At the beginning of this year the Golf Committee decided that the 50 cents taken from the Green Fees and allocated towards the Eclectic competition be re-allocated to the GIRL’S ORPHANAGES in EAST TIMOR. It was then decided that $100 from the golf club funds be allocated each year for the Eclectic Competition.

            The Eclectic Competition is decided over 10 games. The Game at Sefton and the last game, are not taken into consideration. To be eligibleplayers must have played six (6) games in the Eclectic competition and meet the criteria.

            Each players SCORE for each HOLE for every game is then recorded. Then the lowest score for each hole from ALL THE GAMES is recorded. Then the lowest score recorded for each of the eighteen (18) holes is totalled.

            This year 1/4 of your handicap as at the 30th September is deducted to determine your net score.                        (2020 – ½; 2021 – 2/3; 2022 – 1/3; 2023 – ¾, 2024 – 1/4)

This year playing off 1/4 of your handicap as at the 30th September. There were thirty-five (35) players eligible for the Eclectic Competition. There were nine (9) players with a net score of less than 60 strokes. There were twenty (20) players, who finished with a net score below 70. Six (6) had a net score of 70 or more. Scores ranged from 54 ¼ to and 72 ¾.

            JACOB PEMBLE with a net score of 54 1/4 was the winner by a stroke from BERNIE FREEBURN who finished with a net 55 1/4 ahead of STUART HURLEY who finished with a net 56 1/4. RICK CLIFFORD

(57 3/4), MICHAEL LENART (58 1/4) and DAVID QUINELL (58 3/4) were the other players leading the chase.

The Eclectic was $100.00. The distribution is:

                        JACOB PEMBLE                       receives 60%               $ 60.00

                        BERNIE FREEBURN                 receives 25%               $  25.00 

                        STUART HURLEY                     receives 10%               $  10.00

                        5% of the pool which is $5.00 will be decided by a draw from the hat for the 32 eligible players. To be eligible a player must have attended six games of the Eclectic competition.

Net scores are included elsewhere in today’s Divots. See Terry for individual score sheets.

TROPHY WINNERS for 2019                  

A Grade           Champion                                                       JACOB PEMBLE

                        Handicap                                                        EDDIE HABIB


B Grade           Champion                                                       PATRICK KAIN

                        Handicap                                                        STUART HURLEY


C Grade           Champion                                                       JENNY FREEBURN

                        Handicap                                                        ALAN THAM


D Grade          Champion                                                       COL BENTLEY

                        Handicap                                                        KIERAN JACKSON


PRESIDENT’S BILL KAIN MEMORIAL TROPHY                       MICHAEL LENART                                          


ALF MARNEY MEMORIAL TROPHY                                        DAVID QUINELL


PETER ROSS MEMORIAL TROPHY                                         JENNY FREEBURN


PAT CONNELL TROPHY                                                          BERNIE FREEBURN


DICK DIXON TROPHY                                                              MICHAEL LENART                                          


TERRY KENNY TREASURER’S TROPHY                                   STUART HURLEY


CAPTAIN’S TROPHY                                                               JACOB PEMBLE


ECLECTIC                                                                                 JACOB PEMBLE



            “Nominations and cancellations close on the SUNDAY PRIOR to the game to enable catering and confirmation of bookings. IRRESPECTIVE of reason an amount of $5 will be charged for those who have nominated for the game but do not attend”.

            If you are unable to attend and have not cancelled by the SUNDAY prior to the game it is COURTESY to ring Denis on 9670 1987 or Terryon 9639 7271 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. or anyone on the Golf Committee can be informed of your intention. NOTE: Change to Terry’s email address above

            If you are a late nomination, also please contact as above.


            This year we played all 11 games.

The stats for 2019 are:

Games Attended                    Trophies won                                                 Trophies not won

8 Players attended 11 games            1Player won FIVE Trophies

                                                            2 Players won THREE Trophies

                                                            3 Players won TWO Trophies

                                                             1 Player won ONE Trophy                            1 Player missed out


 9 Players attended 10 games           1 Player won FOUR Trophies

                                                            4 Players won TWO Trophies

3 Players won ONE Trophy                           1 Player missed out


  7 Players attended 9 games            1 Player won FOUR Trophies

1 Player won THREE Trophies

2 Players won TWO Trophies

                                                            2 Players won ONE Trophy                           1 Player missed out


  3 Players attended 8 games            1 Player won THREE Trophies

                                                            1 Player won ONE Trophy                             1 Player missed out


8 Players attended 7 games              1 Player won THREE Trophies

                                                            2 Players won ONE Trophy                          5 Players missed out             


  0 Players attended 6 games             


  3 Players attended 5 games            1 Player won TWO Trophies

1 Player won ONE Trophy                             1 Player missed out


  4 Players attended 4 games            1 Player won TWO Trophies

1 Player won ONE Trophy                             2 Players missed out


  4 Players attended 3 games            2 Players won ONE Trophy                           2 Players missed out


  6 Player attended 2 games              3 Players won ONE Trophy                           3 Players missed out                            


  7 Players attended 1 game              No one won Trophy                                      7 Players missed out


59 Players nominated and attended our games

58 Players attended 383 games and played 384 games

Average attendance was 34.8 players per game


IAN BARBER attended 11 games and won 5 trophies – 1 x 1ST; 2 x 2ND and 2 x TOOTH

            STUART HURLEY attended 10 games and won 4 trophies – 2 x 3RD; and 2 x TOOTH

            MICHAEL LENART attended 9 games and won 4 trophies – 2 x 2ND ; 1 x 3RD and 1 x TOOTH.

            DAVID FINN attended 8 games and won 3 trophies – 1 x 1st ; 1 x 2nd and 1 x TOOTH

            SHANNON FINN attended 7 games and won 3 trophies – 1 x 3RD and 2 x TOOTH

            BERNIE FREEBURN attended11 games and won 3 trophies – 1 x 1ST ; 1 x 3RD  and 1 x TOOTH

            KIERAN JACKSON attended 11 games and won 3 trophies – 1 x 2ND  and 2 x TOOTH

            JACOB PEMBLE attended 9 games and won 3 trophies - 3 x 2ND 


            11 players won 2 trophies

            16 players won 1 trophy

              9 players attended 7 to 11 games and did not win a trophy

              5 players attended 3 to 6 games and 6 players won a trophy and 4 missed out.

            10 players attended 1 or 2 games and 3 players won a trophy and 12 missed out.





            This year we have so far played 11 competitive games and 11 sets of prizes have been awarded.

            Nine (9) players have attended 6 or more games and did not win a trophy. The Handicapper should take pity on these players and reassess their handicaps. Time will tell.

            The Players, their handicaps and games attended and did not win a trophy were:


            TERRY KENNY                         (36)      11 Games        MANNY CASTILLO      (24)      7 Games

            PATRICK KAIN                        (21)      10 Games        PETER O’BRIEN           (26)      7 Games

            ANNA RYAN                           (33)        9 Games        JOHN POROPAT         (18)      7 Games

            JOHN WILLIAMSON               (40)        8 Games        JOHN SLATER              (30)      7 Games

            MIICHAEL ALCHIN                  (36)        7 Games       


            If these nine (9) players do turn up today and do not win a trophy then those players who have not won a trophy will definitely receive a Trophy.


            In 2020 we will be in Nowra at Worrigee from the 25TH to 27TH September. Staying at the Springs Resort – Shoalhaven Sports Motel (adjacent to the golf course). Rooms have been reserved at the Resort.


COST               SINGLE                                                                                    $180.00 Per Night

                        DOUBLE/         KING BED                                                        $190.00 Per Night

                        TWIN               QUEEN & SINGLE BEDS                                  $190.00 Per Night

                        FAMILY SPA    5 ROOMS – 2 QUEEN BEDS in each               $210.00 Per Night     


GOLF               GREEN FEES                                                                            $30.00 Per Game + Trophy Fees

                        GOLF CARTS                                                                            $40.00 Per Round


TEE OFF                                                                                               SATURDAY time to be confirmed

                                                                                                            SUNDAY            7.00 am


            Trying to negotiate an earlier hit off time on Saturday. Other Courses – No Suitable Times.

            Saturday Dinner Costs to be advised.

            Those who have nominated so far are:

RICK CLIFFORD                        KERRIE CLIFFORD                    JENNY DELANEY                     SUE DELANEY

BERNIE FREEBURN                 JENNY FREEBURN                   KIERAN JACKSON                   MARGARET KAIN

BETH KENNY                           TERRY KENNY                         CHARLIE SCULLY                     KAY SCULLY

Nominations are now being taken. JENNY DELANEY will be collecting deposits today when you pay your Green Fees.



  1.       CATHY EADES                         57        65        122      P54      68        -4         41

  2.       GARRY MITCHELL                   45        42          87        19      68        -4         40 c/b

  3.       IAN BARBER                            53        56        109        41      68        -4         40

  4.       BERNIE FREEBURN                39        42          81        12      69        -3         39 c/b

  5.       ROBERT RYAN                        41        44          85        16      69        -3         39 c/b

  6.       STUART HURLEY                     45        46         91        22      69        -3         39

  7.       MICHAEL LENART                   43        44          87        17      70        -2         38 c/b

  8.       KIERAN JACKSON                   54        60        114        40      70        -2         38 c/b

  9.       TERRY KENNY                         50        56        106        36      70        -2         38

10.       SONYA LENART                      55        58        113        42      71        -1         37

11.       SUE DELANEY                         56        57        113        41      72        0         36

12.       MANNY CASTILLO                  49        48          97        24      73        1         35 c/b

13.       WARREN RYAN                      51        51        102      P29      73        1         35 c/b

14.       JOHN WILLIAMSON               55        59        114        40      74        2         35 c/b

15.       PATRICK KAIN                        44        50          94        21      73        1         35

16.       COL BENTLEY                          55        57        112        38      74        2         34 c/b

17.       JOHN LEE                                43        48          91        17      74        2         34 c/b

18.       DENIS COLLINS                       44        50          94        20      74        2         34 c/b

19.       PETER KENNEDY                     48        57        105        31      74        2         34

20.       RICK CLIFFORD                        50        51        101        26      75        3         33 c/b

21.       JENNY DELANEY                     58        58        116        40      76        4         33

22.       ALAN THAM                           54        51        105        29      76        4         32

23.       DAVID QUINELL                      48        53        101        22      79        7         29 c/b

24.       JOHN POROPAT                     46        51          97        18      79        7         29

25.       MICHAEL ALCHIN                   56        63        119        36      83        11        28

26.       EDDIE HABIB                           42        53          95        13      82        10        26

27.       JENNY FREEBURN                   57        55        112        28      84        12        25 c/b

28.       PETER CHOCHULA                  59        67        126      P40      86        14        25

29.       MARGARET KAIN                   62        69        131        47      84        12        24