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This year we saw some of our long term, loyal and respected members unable to play with us - either by relocating out of Sydney or for health reasons. I hope they continue to get our Divots and game draws and if in town or available, come and join us for a game or at the bbq after. Fortunately we have had new players come along and our game day numbers have been consistent. Please feel free to invite friends, family and neighbours to join us for a game. I would welcome thoughts and feedback on what works well and where we can attract more players.

The golf has been competitive, with many players in the hunt for prizes. 

Our weekend of golf in September at Nelson Bay was well attended and was a great success - thanks largely to Terry Kenny. The golf course was in reasonable condition, considering the dry spell even Nelson Bay has had. By all accounts, even the non golfers had a great weekend. Our Saturday night dinner and presentation was a fun night. Thanks to everyone that contributed towards the running of this weekend.

Our golf days continue to run well, with little or no issues. This again comes down to all the people that contribute willingly to make the day successful.   I would like to thank you all for your generosity and support. A big thankyou to Margaret Bentley and Val Kennedy for giving up their Saturday mornings to carry out the cooking duties.  Thanks again to our committee for their efforts in progressing the club and assisting wherever required. Thanks also to those golfers that volunteered and worked at the Dooleys Fair in December.

This year our charity box donations went towards the children’s orphanages in East Timor. Thanks for your contributions. Please read Denis’s report on this.

Thanks again to our Patron - Bill Belkovski for his continued support. Thanks also to our Dooleys Club Chairman - John Munce and his fellow board members, for their moral and financial support. We appreciate your commitment.

I hope that 2020 is every bit as successful as 2019 and that we continue to attract new members to enjoy their golf with us. Looking forward to catching up with you at our first game in 2020 at Sefton GC.

Yours truly,

Bernie Freeburn 



A total of twenty players represented Dooleys across the five Association games in 2019. It was good to see some of our younger players having a game for the first year. We are fortunate to have a good mix of ages and women regularly attending.

It was a very competitive year, being 2 games all going into the final game at Georges River Golf Course. Even this game was closely contested, with the winners being Campbelltown Catholic Club beating us 3.5 pairs to 2.5 pairs (2 ball best ball). This was also the Association Championship round, with some of our players sharing in the prizes in all three grades.

Adam Welton has been handicapping for the first time this year and has done well in adjusting the handicaps for both teams. This has reduced the well above average scores from the past, which is keeping the matches more competitive.

After our final game in November we broke tradition and had a social gathering at Dooleys Regents Park. This was well attended and enjoyed. It was agreed that any money remaining in our kitty and monies raised through our donations on the day, would be donated to the St Vincent De Paul Bushfire Relief Appeal. A total of $375 was raised and donated. Thankyou to all.

The Canberra exchange game was played at Cabramatta G.C., in August. It was a great day on a challenging golf course. Canberra were again very consistent, winning by a small margin. The Saturday night dinner at The Warwick Hotel was also successful and a great time was had by all.

The Campbelltown team again were too good this year. There has been an overall improvement in our performances and I believe we are not far off holding up the shield. Thanks to everyone that played and assisted me throughout the year. Thanks also to all for the spirit in which has been shown throughout the year. We are fortunate that there are never any issues and the club can be very proud of our group in the way they are represented. .

Our thanks to the Dooleys Club Board of Directors for their continued support of the team. The players are privileged to be able to represent our club.

If anyone is interested in playing Association golf or finding out more about it, please speak to me.

Bernie Freeburn



 2020 will be our 54th year. Financially we are strong.
 Last year we played all 12 games.
 This year 59 players attended the games with 58 players actually playing.
 Attendance for the 12 games was 421 players. 411 players competed in the 12 games.
 Average attendance for 2019 was 35.08, which is comparable with last year’s average attendance.
 36 players attended 6 or more games.
13 players attended 3 to 5 games. The remaining 9 players attended 1 or 2 games.

It is unfortunate but gone are the days when we used to attract between 50 and 60 golfers to each outing. The Golf Club is still strong compared to other social golf clubs. However, we need to attract new players. We must encourage our friends, their friends, our children, their children, our grandchildren, and their grandchildren and who ever possible to come and play with the DOOLEYS social golfers.

The 33rd Weekend of Golf at Nelson Bay in September was our eighth (8) trip to this venue. Most of the 58 contingent arrived in time to meet, greet and dine at the Nelson Bay Bowling and Recreation Club. Twenty-nine golfers teed off in ideal conditions on both days. John Williamson had to withdraw due to illness. On the Saturday evening, the 58 guests enjoyed an excellent three-course alternate serve meal at the Nelson Bay Golf Club. Bernie welcomed attendees, Anna did the presentations and Jenny and Sue provided the entertainment with the lucky door draw. Once again it was a great weekend and I believe everyone did enjoy themselves.

This year we will be making our third trip to Worrigee (Nowra)

The annual Golf Dinner was held at DOOLEYS, Waterview in June. Thirty-two (32) guests attended. Everyone enjoyed the evening and the various platters of food served for each course. A suggestion was that one of the main course platters be dispensed with and replaced by a dessert platter. GARRY MITCHELL and KEVIN CAVANAGH did the lucky door prices draw.

As can be seen from the balance sheet for 2019 we had a most successful year. A profit of $615. This is attributed to the $2060 raffle proceeds and no expenditure for Golf Balls and Golf Shirts. Golf Balls will have to be purchased this year. Otherwise, compared with last year’s balance sheet Income and Expenditure costs for the various items is comparable. This year the 50c normally collected for the Eclectic competition was donated to the girl’s orphanages in Timor. This amounted to $200.50. The Donation Box realised a further $370.50. In total $571 was collected for the Orphanages. A great result, Thank You. The club did contribute $100 towards the Eclectic competition.

Although Auburn have increased playing fees to $33 and provided there are no further increases in fee’s we should be able to maintain our fees at $40 per game.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the fourteen golfers who volunteered their time and energies in support of the DOOLEYS Christmas Fair for the support of children with Cancer at Westmead Children’s Hospital.

In commending this report to you, may I take this opportunity on behalf of the Golf Committee to thank all Golfers for their loyal and continuous support of the DOOLEYS Social Golf Club.

To the President, Board of Directors, our patron Bill Belkovskis, the Chief Executive Officer and Staff of DOOLEYS we thank you for your generous support. Your assistance and financial support contributed to the Golf Club, enables it to operate effectively and to be an enjoyable success

T. J. Kenny
Hon. Treasurer
14 . 01 . 20


Over the year,thanks to everyone that took home empty money boxes and returned them full, together with money donated in monthly donation box, we raised just on $900, just over 10% of the $8,500 raised during year, all of which, I believe to be used on food supplies, mainly rice, it is the largest single cost for each orphanage.

The orphanages survive on donations from mission funds(donated), and people like us, they receive no government assistance. This year I intend to raise funds thru donation box, bigger money boxes, a mid year raffle in conjunction with my parish, and, I hope a fun Sunday golf day.

Please be generous.

Happy new year.

Denis Collins