Hi golfers,
Just an update on our upcoming social game at Fairfield, Saturday July 25. 
Our golf committee has discussed what format the day will follow due to covid restrictions and come up with the following:
•It will be a social day.
•There won't be a bbq - after 9 or 18 holes.
•There will be golfing prizes for the day, but there won't be a presentation after golf. Most likely the prizes will be given at the next golf day.
•There will be ntp's and d+p's. {but it is optional}
•Scorecards will be completed, scores recorded and handicaps will be updated as normal.
•The cost for the day is $35 (for this game).
•There won't be our usual raffle for this game.
Please contact Denis Collins (96701987) if he doesn't know you are coming.
Hope to see you all there. 
Our remaining bookings for Saturday games for 2020 are confirmed. So please keep these marked on your calendar. We will give a further update on our August 22 game at Auburn, prior to the game.