Welcome to our fourth game this year. It is a Stableford event. We also play for the Captain’s (ANNA RYAN) Trophy. Details of the event below. It is also the second round for the Treasurer’s trophy. Enjoy the day and good golfing if not have fun.

Welcome to Royal Rosnay for our 138TH game at Auburn. We played our first game at Auburn on the 27th March 1971. Only two players KEVIN CAVANAGH and TERRY KENNY are still playing with us.

Today’s event is a stableford game. It is the first round of Match Play for the Treasurer’s Trophy. Wishing everyone a happy day and good golfing.

Welcome to Woodville for our 2nd game this year. Today we play a Stableford game.  It is also the qualifying game for the Treasurer’s Trophy. The first thirty two players who will be able to attend all games for this trophy will qualify. If you are unable to attend all games please let Terry know. If you do qualify and do not play then you will lose by forfeit.