1. New dropping height.
All drops must be from knee height.
2. New dropping procedure.
Ball must land in and come to rest in relief area.
3. Time reduced for search.
Ball is lost if not found within 3 minutes.
4. Putting with flagstick in.
Hitting unattended flagstick in hole now allowed when putting.
5. Spike mark repair on green.
Repair of almost any damage to green now allowed.
6. Ball or ball-marker moved on green.
No penalty for accidental movement of ball or ball-marker on green.
7. Ball accidentally moved while searching.
Replace ball with no penalty.
8. Loose impediments in bunker or penalty area.
Removal of loose impediments in bunker or penalty area now allowed.
9. Touching line of play on green.
Touching line of play on green now allowed.
10. READY GOLF (in Stableford, Stroke Play, Par).
The new Rules actively encourage Ready Golf.
Go to www.golf.org.au/newrules to see the details plus a series of short videos on the main changes.

Today we play the final game for this year at Woodville. Today is a FUN DAY. We are playing a four person AMBROSE Event. It is hoped everyone enjoys their day of golf especially, the short hitters, as they will be playing their second and third shots a lot closer to the greens than they are used to. Have a great final day and we hope you all receive a nice little Christmas surprise.

Today is the final game for the Treasurer’s Trophy and it is the final round for the Bill Kain Presidents Trophy.