Hi all,
Our usual August Dooleys golf game is scheduled for this coming Saturday. As previously stated, our parent club Dooleys is unable to support us or any other intra sporting groups under the Dooleys name. Our committee is in agreeance that under the current limitations that we only play any present games purely as a social golf game amongst friends. There is no compulsion for anyone to play, but as we have bookings for games over the next 16 months, we can continue to play socially for those that wish to play.
At this stage we have 5 groups playing this coming Saturday at Auburn Golf Course, with a 6.19am tee off.
Groups are as follows.
1st group: Jenny Delaney, Sue Delaney, Jenny Freeburn, Bruce Farqhuar
2nd group: Col Bently, Dave Finn, Mick Alchin, Ian Barber
3rd group: Fred McCarthy, John Poropat, CART. Eddie Habib, Peter O'Brien
4th group: Peter Kennedy, Keiran Jackson, CART. Wayne Selfridge, Shannon Finn
5th group: Dave Quinell, Dave McClosky, Bernie Freeburn
There is room to have more players, so if any one else is interested in a game, please give me a call on 0412227554. Or just turn up on the day.
Thanks, Bernie Freeburn 

Welcome to Royal ROSNAY for our first game at this venue for 2020. It is a STABLEFORD event and it is the first round of the Treasurer’s Match Play Trophy. Good golfing and enjoy the day.