18th August 2018

Selected Holes: 3, 4, 6, 11, 14, 15.

 Top scorers today were: Denis Collins, Stuart Hurley and John Poropat each on 13 Points while 9 other players made 12 Points on the day.

Birdies were recorded by Manny Castillo  on 14 and Eddie Habib on the 11th hole.


Garry Mitchell – 87

Wayne Selfridge – 86

Mick Alchin- -82

Ian Barber – 82

John Slater – 76

Rick Clifford – 74

Dave Quinell – 74




15th October 2018

Selected Holes: 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 17.

 Top scorers today were: Jake Pemble on 16, then Ian Barber, Denis Collins, Terry Kenny, Fred McCarthy and Wayne Selfridge all on 14 Points.

Jake Pemble made Birdie on the 7th hole.


Wayne Selfridge – 100

Ian Barber – 96

Garry Mitchell – 96

Mick Alchin – 92

John Poropat – 86

Stuart Hurley - 85


John Slater – 84

Friday the 21st September was a beautiful spring day ideal for travelling to the western town of Orange for a weekend of golf. The 3 ½ hour journey for those fortunate enough to be able to travel in the daylight hours was made more spectacular by the beautiful display of Wattle between Lithgow and Bathurst. It made for a very pleasant drive.


6-40   Denis Collins ©       Ann Delaney ©      Matthew Jenkins     Sue Delaney

6-46   Bernie Freeburn     Will Kain                   Peter Kennedy         Jenny Delaney

6-52   Pat Kain                    Charlie Scully           Stuart Hurley           Jenny Freeburn

6-58   Robert Ryan             Michael Lenart   V  Ian Barber                Alan Tham

7-04   Eddie Habib              Rick Clifford        V  Mick Alchin              Sonya Lenart

7-10   Garry Mitchell          Manny Castillo ©   Steve Warczak ©   Judy Bartholomew

7-16   John Slater ©           Col Bentley ©          Fred McCarthy ©   John Shanley ©

7-22   Bruce Farquhar        Dennis Valcich         Anna Ryan               Kieran Jackson

            BE EARLY                 HELP SET UP              BUTTER BREAD

Starter               Bruce Farquhar

Nominations    Peter Kennedy

Fees                   Sue Delaney

Money Bag       Matthew Jenkins

Cards                  Denis, Bernie, Pat, Stuart.

Stubs                  The two Jennys

Prizes                  Rick and Mick

Raffle                 John Shanley

Cook                  Ray

Clean Up          Charlie,Garry,John Slater, Alan Tham

Trailer               Garry Mitchell.

This month is the first round for the BILL KAIN’S President’s Trophy. It is also the semi-finals for the Treasurer’s Trophy. We hope everyone has a great day and good golfing along the way.

Today is the last round for the Club Championships. Remember the winners are the players with the best gross and best handicap score in each grade. It is hoped you all enjoy the day and produce scintillating golf along the way.